Phoenix questions still loom

Recent media coverage claims that nearly half of public servants paid by Phoenix have reported problems. However, this new data cannot be accepted at face value.

PSAC has been struggling to get accurate data on Phoenix for years and we still haven’t received it. We don’t believe these numbers tell the whole story.

We have no way of knowing if the figures provided are inflated because of overlaps in the system or multiple requests from the same employees.

Thousands still affected

What we do know is that thousands and thousands of public servants continue to have pay issues.

PSAC’s sole focus is ensuring that every worker affected by Phoenix is paid correctly and on time.

First and foremost, the government needs to fix the underlying technological problems with Phoenix and hire and train more staff at the Miramichi pay centre and satellite locations to deal with members’ claims.

We know the effects of the Phoenix fiasco will be felt for years to come, and the number of those affected will change day by day and week to week.

PSAC will continue to push the government to be more transparent with their process, to implement our recommendations and keep our members informed every step of the way.

PSAC is here to help

The Phoenix debacle has caused undue hardship and stress to thousands of PSAC’s members. PSAC continues to do everything we can to help get our members paid accurately and on time – as well as compensation for any financial hardships endured as a result of Phoenix.

If you are experiencing pay problems, do not hesitate to contact your PSAC union representative for assistance.


August 25, 2017