Phoenix: PSAC demands compensation for hardship to affected employees

Fix Phoenix

PSAC is doing everything in its power to ensure that the pay system is fixed so that our members in the federal public service get paid correctly and on-time. We are also demanding the government address the difficulties our members are facing because of Phoenix.

PSAC meets regularly with the employer to advance the concerns of our members and to find concrete solutions.

Most recently, PSAC has demanded that employees affected by Phoenix be:

  1. Compensated for pain and suffering,
  2. Compensated for lost interest due to delay in receiving pay, and
  3. Reimbursed for the cost of using the services of a tax professional to help with significant tax problems.

We’ve also demanded that the Clerk of the Privy Council take a leadership role to ensure that Public Service and Procurement Canada, and all departments and agencies do, everything in their power to fix Phoenix quickly and ensure that the government provides funds to help them do so.

For more information and assistance check out PSAC’s Phoenix Toolkit 


April 20, 2017