PBO report confirms that government is making reckless cuts

The Parliamentary Budget Officer released a report on August 14 that confirms PSAC’s assertion that the government is making reckless cuts to public services.

According to the report, the Harper government has made cuts to programs without evaluating the impact of those cuts. Despite the federal government’s insistence that spending reductions would target inefficiencies, the PBO asserts that “performance did not have a strong influence on program termination.”

Since coming to power in 2006, the Conservative government has made cuts to crucial programs and services. This includes:

  • Legislative changes to EI eligibility that are making it harder for the unemployed, particularly seasonal workers, to access crucial EI benefits, hurting workers and economies in many communities in Canada.

“Canadians need and deserve access to crucial public services,” said Robyn Benson, National President of PSAC. “The PBO report confirms that this government does not have the public’s interest at heart when it slashes valuable programs with no regard for Canadians who depend on them.”

August 28, 2014