Parks Canada Agency responsibilities

Parks Canada must:

  • ensure equitable treatment and every reasonable opportunity for you to continue your career in the Agency (1.1.1).

  • provide information to your union about your situation, including your name and work location, and advise and consult PSAC throughout the process (1.1.9).

  • provide you with a copy of the Work Force Adjustment Appendix (WFAA) when you are notified you are subject to a work force adjustment situation (1.1.11).

  • advise you in writing about your status and any change in it (1.1.36, Definitions section).

  • presume you wish to be reappointed unless you indicate otherwise in writing (1.1.15).

  • apply the WFAA to keep lay-offs to a minimum. (1.1.12).

  • establish joint work force adjustment committees, with equal representation
    from the union and employer (1.1.3).

  • review the use of temporary agencies and other non-indeterminate employees, and not renew them if doing so will facilitate the appointment of surplus or laid off persons. (1.1.24).

  • determine whether there will be employment available for you and advise you and the PSAC (1.1.10).

  • provide you with a guarantee of a reasonable job offer where they know or can predict employment in the Agency (1.1.6)

  • establish and modify staffing policies and procedures to maximize the appointment of employees (1.1.33).

  • establish systems to facilitate the redeployment or retraining of Parks Canada employees involved in a work force adjustment (1.1.4).

  • carry out effective human resource planning to minimize the impact of workforce adjustment situations (1.1.2)

  • set up an alternation process within Parks Canada (6.2.).

  • inform and counsel affected and surplus employees as early and completely as possible (1.1.29) including explanations and assistance concerning:

    • how the current WFA situation will effect you
    • the WFAA in general,
    • how the Agency's Priority Administration System works,
    • preparing your resume and preparation for interviews with potential employers
    • your rights and obligations
    • information on benefit, pay and years of service entitlements
    • available alternatives
    • the meaning of a reasonable job offer, surplus priority and the consequences of refusing a reasonable job offer
  • assign a counselor to each opting, surplus and laid off person (1.1.29)

  • ensure that a training plan is prepared and agreed to in writing by you and the responsible managers, if it will facilitate redeployment (1.1.30)

  • actively market surplus employees and laid off persons who have not advised in writing that they are unavailable for appointment (1.1.35).

  • counsel and advise you to assist you in gaining new employment in Parks Canada or in making the transition to other employment (1.1.13, 1.1.29).

  • identify the occupations in which there is a skill shortage for which surplus or laid off persons could be retrained (1.1.34).

  • give preferred status for reinstatement to all employees whose salary is protected wherever possible (1.1.39).

  • must review the status of each affected employee annually, or earlier from the initial date when you were notified that you were affected, and review whether the affected status will be maintained (1.1.36) and notify you of their decision (1.1.37)




September 18, 2013