Parks bargaining team update

Our bargaining team met with the Parks Canada Agency during the week of November 20, 2017.

While we went into this week feeling optimistic about reaching a tentative agreement, we are extremely frustrated to report one was not achieved.

In an effort to reach a settlement, our team focused on the remaining pattern items, including the new WFA language achieved elsewhere and withdrew everything we could without compromising member rights or protections. Despite that, Parks Canada refused to accept our focused offer.

Absent from the Parks Canada’s bargaining mandate were a number of items already achieved in the core public service and with other Agencies. The employer’s agreement to the pattern would help ensure that the rights and benefits of Parks employees are in line with the rest of the federal public service.

We are astonished with Parks Canada’s refusal to respect the pattern settlement. Such a settlement would help ensure that we acquire the same conditions and benefits as our colleagues in the rest of the federal public service, especially with respect to Job Security provisions in the WFA Appendix.

Our bargaining team will continue to resist settling for less

During this session, due to the ongoing challenges that the Phoenix pay system has created, the parties agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that deals with enhanced measures to address recruitment and retention of Compensation Advisors.

Yet the employer declined to sign it prior to the completion of this week’s session. If signed, the MOU would have come into effect immediately, equipping the employer to address Phoenix issues affecting our members.

This refusal by the Agency further increases the strain and stress of our members working on the acute Phoenix issues, and reinforces the disrespect Parks Canada has for the membership.

Despite this disrespect from our employer, members continued to demonstrate their usual high level of performance and unwavering dedication throughout the Canada 150 celebrations and ensured the success of the Agency’s participation in the year-long events without complaint.

In the near future our team will be holding an information Webcast to inform members as to what is coming next. Details will be provided once it is scheduled.



November 24, 2017