Occupational group structure: TC group review has started

Meetings between Treasury Board and a number of PSAC Components have been taking place to talk about the work performed by our members in the Technical Services (TC) group. The union pushed Treasury Board to hold these meetings as part of the occupational group structure (OGS) review. The Components had an opportunity to present our members’ concerns early in the review process. They gave Treasury Board representatives information from our members’ perspective; a perspective they don’t get when they consult only with Deputy and Assistant Deputy Ministers.

Treasury Board met with five of the Components with the largest number of TC members: the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE), the Union of National Defence Employees (UNDE), the Union of Environment Workers (UEW), the National Health Union (NHU) and the Union of National Employees (UNE). The process followed earlier meetings initiated by PSAC with UCTE on issues involving members’ work in Technical Inspection.

Occupational group structure review will be raised in bargaining

PSAC will be raising the occupational group structure review during this round of negotiations with Treasury Board.

The union is very displeased with the lack of progress with the review of the Program Administration (PA) group structure. Treasury Board has missed all the original deadline dates. It is clear that the review is simply not a priority for this government while it focuses on deficit reduction and cutting public services and jobs.

The government’s latest “vision” document Blueprint 2020 doesn’t include classification reform, just a mention of streamlined job descriptions. PSAC is not ready to accept one-size-fits-all generic descriptions as a quick fix substitute for real classification review.


June 25, 2014