2.2 Responsibilities

 2.2.1 The PSAC:

  • determines whether travel is necessary;
  • ensures that this policy is available to all PSAC travellers;
  • ensures that the selection and reservation of appropriate arrangements (transportation, accommodation, advances, etc.) are consistent with the provisions of this policy.
  • pre-authorizes travel on the applicable form; and
  • verifies and approves travel expense claims.

 2.2.2 The traveller is responsible for:

  • being familiar with the PSAC Travel Policy;
  • obtaining authorization prior to travel;
  • submitting fully completed travel expense claims with necessary supporting documentation, original receipts and explanations of changes as required;
  • submitting travel expense claims within 90 working days after completion of the travel.
  • the safeguarding of travel advances and funds provided.
August 12, 2016