Women's rights

PSAC women have many reasons to be proud!  Thanks to their activism and commitment, our union has been able to win important improvements in the lives of all PSAC members.

From the 1980 ground breaking strike by women federal public service workers in the Clerical and Regulatory (CR) bargaining unit to bargaining tables across the country, PSAC members have made employers provide decent working conditions and respect workers’ human rights.

PSAC has used grievances, human rights complaints and referral to the courts including the Supreme Court of Canada, sometimes taking decades to resolve, in order to ensure employers are living up to their obligations to our members.

In order to win systemic change that will benefit all women – and indeed all workers – PSAC members have lobbied and mobilized in the union and in their communities to support employment equity, to adopt pro-active pay equity laws and to establish a national child care system.

Together, PSAC women will continue to find ways to not only defend their rights but to challenge inequality and ensure all women and men benefit equally from better working conditions, better work/life balance and full respect for their human rights. 

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