National President Robyn Benson

Robyn Benson is PSAC's National President. Robyn was re-elected as the National President of the Public Service Alliance of Canada at the PSAC’s 17th National Triennial Convention in May 2015. Robyn Benson was first elected as PSAC National President in May 2012. She had previously served as the Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP) for the PSAC Prairie Region since 2000.

Her first involvement with the union was during the 1980 CR Strike, sparked by union sisters who were fed up with pay inequality. At the time, Benson was a single mother of two small children and working as a term for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

She continued to work for CRA for 20 years while holding various positions within the union, including Treasurer and then President of her Local, Prairie RVP for UTE, and eventually REVP Prairies for PSAC. During her tenure as REVP she shared national responsibility for collective bargaining, finance, human rights and education for the PSAC.

Now, in her role as National President, Benson is responsible for a variety of national portfolios, including Collective Bargaining and Occupational Group Structure Review, Political Action and Campaigns, Social Justice Fund, Communications, Joint Learning Program and Workforce Adjustment (along with PSAC National Executive Vice-President Chris Aylward). She is also responsible for the CRA bargaining team.

Benson also chairs several NBoD Committees, including the National Joint Council, Standing Political Action, Joint Learning Program Steering Committee, Social Justice Fund Board Steering Committee, and Roles, Responsibilities and Structure. She also co-chairs Collective Bargaining and the Standing Strike Fund with Aylward.

Whether walking side-by-side with members on the picket lines or standing in solidarity with sisters and brothers at rallies and demonstrations, Benson has always been and continues to be a voice for all members. She is an advocate for human rights, social justice and strong public services, and is vehemently opposed to public service cuts.

May 22, 2015