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Phoenix – Leaders Take Action!

All Leadership 2017 participants are encouraged to participate in the following actions that will be taking place during Leadership 2017:

  1. A brown bag lunch panel and discussion on Phoenix, Thursday Nov 30, 12:30 – 1:30 pm
  2. Send your message to the Liberals about Phoenix – a booth will be set-up on Thursday and Friday, where you will have an opportunity to send a short video to the Liberal government and tell them about the real impacts of the Phoenix fiasco on you and/or someone you know. This information can also be used for campaign purposes.

In addition to these activities, the NBoD will be conducting a strategic lobby about Phoenix around the same time that Leadership is taking place. Information and tools for Phoenix fightback

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In order to meet the learning needs of members who are at different stages along their leadership path, workshops have been developed into two categories: Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 Workshops: These workshops are designed for newer leaders who want to build their understanding and expand their skills. Workshop content was created with the expectation that participants are in the process of developing their understanding of PSAC structures, mandates and practices and are fairly new to their leadership role.

Level 2 Workshops: These workshops are designed for experienced leaders who want to deepen their understanding and further develop their skills. Workshops content was created with the expectation that participants will have a solid understanding of PSAC structures, mandates and practices and some leadership experience.

#1 A Good Speech

This level 1 workshop is for leaders who want to focus on effective, basic, skills for preparing and delivering a good speech. During this workshop you will work with specific tips and tools to enhance your capacity for presentations and public speaking. You will have an opportunity to draft and deliver a short speech about union issues.

#2 The Role of Social Media in Leadership

This level 1 workshop for leaders will be an interactive learning experience in the use of social media. You will explore social media as a tool for communication, organizing and mobilization. In advance of this course, participants will be given the opportunity to learn social media basics via an online learning module so that they are prepared to dive into using social media in the workshop itself. Participants are asked to bring their devices (laptops, tablets and/or smart phones) to the workshop as they will be using them. Laptops will be made available to those who do not have a device of their own to work with.

#3 Navigating Difficult Internal Union Decisions

Union leaders are faced with decisions every day. In this level 2 workshop you will be introduced to the theory and strategies of effective decision-making in a leadership role. You will examine different categories of decisions and the considerations that should be given when a decision has to be made by an individual or a group. Participants will have a chance to apply their learning through practice on union-related scenarios.

#4 Creating a Communications Strategy for Effective Membership Engagement

The union is only as strong as its connections to its members and strong connection requires good communication. In this level 2 workshop, participants will be introduced to the theory and practice of effective internal communications strategies that promote member engagement. You will have the opportunity to develop a member-focused communications strategy that relates directly to your own particular leadership role in the union.

#5 Organizing to Mobilize

In this level 1 workshop, leaders will differentiate between what membership organizing and membership mobilization. You will look at specific non-organizational barriers that inhibit activists from engaging members more broadly, and you will work with others to identify strategies that will help you as leaders to foster and support Local and union committee leaders in their organizing and mobilizing efforts.

#7 Beyond Bias: Diversifying and Engaging Your Union Network

In this level 2 workshop, leaders will explore how implicit bias, both individual and organizational, can limit one’s capacity to engage diverse groups of members in the union. You will examine how unconscious bias can create barriers to diversifying your union network, and how it may be impacting the decisions you make as a union leader. You will leave with some concrete tools and strategies for addressing both individual and organizational unconscious biases, so that you are better able to identify and address the negative impacts and grow our movement.

#8 Strategic Campaigning

This level 2 workshop will give participants a chance to understand, in detail, the key elements and stages of developing and implementing a strategic campaign. Using past and current PSAC campaigns as case studies, you will deepen your understanding of what needs to happen for a campaign to reach its goals.

#11 Embracing an Evolving Workforce to Build a Stronger Union

The workplace is always evolving and in order to maintain our strength and relevance, the union must evolve along with it. This level 2 workshop will examine the changing demographics in the workplace and explore ways that leaders can strengthen the union’s appeal and role with a new generation of workers.

#12 Kairos Blanket Exercise

Kairos is an ecumenical movement for ecological justice and human rights. The KAIROS Blanket Exercise (KBE) is a level 2, interactive workshop that explores the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. In this workshop, participants will step into the role of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, to walk through situations that include pre-contact, treaty-making, colonization, and resistance. By engaging on an emotional and intellectual level, the KAIROS Blanket Exercise effectively educates while increasing empathy. It reaches both the mind and the heart. It is contributing to a movement for reconciliation through education, across the country.

#13 Mental Health in the Workplace

In this level 1 workshop, participants will be introduced to a list of workplace hazards that can impact the mental health of members in the workplace (psychosocial hazards). You will work with tools that will help you to identify the level of risk workplaces are at, and you will practice developing recommendations for some of the most severe psychosocial hazards present in the workplaces you interact with.

#14 The Duty to Accommodate People with Mental Health Disabilities

In this level 2 workshop, leaders will start by identifying signs of mental health disabilities and some common misconceptions that we may have about specific mental health issues. You will review the do’s and don’ts of representing someone with a mental health disability, and work with a specific strategy for having effective conversations with members experiencing mental health issues in the workplace. You will get some hands-on experience going through the initial stages of representing a member with a mental health disability who requires accommodation.

Plenary Workshops (all participants will attend):

November 30, 2017

Navigating Structures and Systems in the PSAC – Part 2 (part one is the pre-Leadership online training)

December 3, 2017

What’s your Style? - Leadership and Teamwork

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October 24, 2017