National Access Conference workshops

5.Strength in awareness of different abilities

This workshop will raise awareness of our different abilities and how to take care of those abilities. It will also examine stigma and foster a better understanding of different abilities including mental health, both visible and non-visible.


6.Taking political action on disability rights

The federal government has indicated that it will be considering the implementation of a National Disabilities Act. This workshop will examine the pros and cons of such an Act and empower and provide tools to lobby on disability rights.


7.Where are we?

Persons with disabilities have higher levels of poverty, under-employment and unemployment than persons without disabilities.  This workshop will examine the representation and career opportunities for persons with disabilities (e.g. hiring, training, and retaining in the workplace). It will also examine the issue of self-identifying and provide tools and strategies (e.g. employment equity) that will increase the representation of persons with disabilities in the workplace.


8.Road to mental health

For many workplaces, mental health is a critical issue. This workshop will examine how the workplace impacts our mental health. It will also provide tools and strategies to deal with workplace hazards for persons with disabilities, co-workers, and employers.



August 11, 2017