National Aboriginal Peoples Conference workshops

17.Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action

In this workshop participants will learn and discuss the TRC final report and make decisions on which of the 94 recommendations they wish to prioritize. Participants will then build strategies for implementation.


18.Safe drinking water for First Nations

This will be an extension of our existing campaign. It will help participants learn what the barriers are to safe drinking water and ways in which they can be removed. Lobby training will play a big part of this workshop.


19.Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women - Why was there such a pushback against calling the inquiry in the first place?

This workshop will include a deeper look into the issues that a full public inquiry would investigate. Featured in this exercise will be the strategies and tactics Indigenous women used to bring the issue forward, and a discussion of how PSAC can provide ongoing support to this important struggle.


20.Victory at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

In this workshop participants will deepen their understanding of the impacts of the decision that saw the Tribunal rule that the federal government has been discriminating against First Nations children. It will then begin to explore the other ways that similar forms of discrimination have taken place.



July 26, 2017