MPs vote to repeal anti-worker legislation

The House of Commons has voted to pass Bill C-4, which will repeal two laws passed by the previous Conservative government. Members of Parliament voted 204 to 79 in favour.

This Bill C-4 will remove the roadblocks to unionization contained in the former Bill C-525 and the excessive reporting requirements designed only for unions in the former Bill C-377. Before the bill was introduced, the Liberal government announced late last year that it was waiving the reporting requirements for 2016.

“The Conservatives tried to disguise the true nature of these two laws by claiming they were good for workers,” said PSAC national president Robyn Benson. “They actually made it harder to have a union recognized in the workplace and forced unions to report in ways that raised concerns about the privacy of unionized workers’ personal information.”

Bill C-4 must be passed by the Senate to become law

The bill will now be referred to the Senate. Before it can become law, the Senate will debate the bill, refer it to a committee for review, debate the committee report and any proposed amendments and then have a final vote.

“The Senate needs to deal with this bill quickly so that workers in the federal private and public sectors are no longer hampered from joining unions,” said Benson.


October 21, 2016