Message from PSAC National President: June 8 a resounding success

I want to thank everyone who came out on June 8 to make our National Day of Action the overwhelming success that it was. In every province and territory of our country, in isolated outposts, in rural communities and in major city centres, we spoke with one united and powerful voice.

Together, we sent a loud and clear message to the employer. Respect us, and respect our bargaining teams. We will accept nothing less. We are done with waiting for the “sunny ways” which we’ve been promised to translate into meaningful change at the bargaining table.

I participated in several inspiring June 8 rallies in my home province of Manitoba. I was deeply moved as photos of hundreds and then thousands of members were sent to me, as people turned out in force at June 8 activities all across Canada. The creativity and enthusiasm demonstrated on June 8 was absolutely wonderful. I encourage you, if you haven’t already done so, to take a few minutes to look at our photo gallery, which commemorates the event. I am sure that you will be inspired, as I was, by the commitment and determination that we all brought to June 8.

We have shown this employer that we know what solidarity really means. Sisters and brothers, it was a proud day for all of us. To every member who made our June 8 Day of Action possible, I send my heartfelt gratitude.



June 13, 2016