Meet the TC bargaining team

British Columbia

Harold LarsenHarold Larsen works as a B.C. based program officer in consumer protection and is also a treasurer for his local component. He believes the union is under attack and needs to protect what it has achieved in past negotiations.

“The TC table is a highly skilled group of employees that is having retention issues. Knowledge and skills are being lost as employees exit to better paying jobs.  We need to improve pay in order to avoid putting the public at risk.”


Tom Hopkins is a salmon enhancement technician with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  He is the UEW vice president of local 20147 and the president of the Northern Vancouver Island Council.  He believes that a good collective agreement will strengthen and motivate the union membership.

“We must stand up to the employer and send a message that we will give no concessions.”



Michael Tennant is a civil aviation safety inspector who ensures the safety of the air travelling Canadian public.  He is also an UCTE local president and alternate regional vice president for the Prairies and the North.

“Good collective agreements keep public services public and relevant.  Otherwise, the government will contract out all these services that are vital to Canadians.”


Milton DyckMilton Dyck  Milton Dyck is a wheat breeding technician working to help develop improved wheat varieties for Canadian farmers and the Canadian public that they feed. He is the 3rd National VP for the Agriculture Component.

“The collective bargaining process is about ensuring that our members receive equitable compensation, while protecting the gains earned by our members over previous bargaining rounds.”


Sheri B. ParentSheri B. Parent  is a Labour Affairs Officer working out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is also Vice-President of UNE local 50262 at Labour Canada.

“Strong unions and a strong public service are two essential pillars of a productive society and country. Ensuring fair treatment and wages will assist our members in achieving work-life balance, healthier workplaces and respect on the job.”



Patrick St-Georges is a laboratory safety technician in a research facility which focuses on improving Canada’s agricultural resources.  He is the Agriculture union’s regional vice president for the NCR and Northeast Ontario regions.

“A fair agreement will promote a respectful work environment which will in turn improve morale and overall productivity.”



Patrice Robin works as a technical inspector on military planes and their components.  He is the vice president of UNDE local 10525.

“It’s important to have a good collective agreement to protect and strengthen public services and retain and recruit talented and skilled workers.”


Jean CloutierJean Cloutier works as a research assistant for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. He is also the vice president of local 1008 and vice president for the Quebec regional council.

“We have to stay united, now more then ever, and mobilize. No concessions!”



Marc Blanchard is an aquatic science technician who researches aquaculture, biodiversity, climate change and factors affecting coastal ecosystems. He is the vice president of UEW local 60067.

“There are big issues in this round or bargaining that will directly impact our union members, while at the same time affecting all Canadians.”  


Keith Parsons works in Transport Canada as a Civil Aviation Safety Inspector in NL responsible for ensuring commercial aviation enterprises meet the regulatory requirements.  He is also president of his UCTE compenent local.  He believes it is time for our members to stand up. 

"We are under attack by an employer who justifies the reduction of negotiated benefits by comparing us to the private sector yet clearly has no interest in modernizing our wages to proven private sector comparitors"



June 24, 2014