Meet the PA bargaining team


Kate Hart is a passport officer based in Edmonton and the human rights representative for her UNE local and UNE national equity representative for LGBTs. 

“This is an attack on the public services and the services we provide to Canadians.”


Kelly Bush is a real estate advisor for the government, giving advice on divesting surplus property, reducing spending and acquiring land for operational requirements.  She is also a GSU local president.

“We need to maintain our collective agreement and send the message to the government that we’re here to stay and won’t be bullied.”


Toufic El-Daher works as a client service agent for Veterans Affairs,is a UVAE local president and an equity group director.  He believes that the very survival of the union depends on this round of negotiations.

“When we have a good collective agreement, the employees are happy at work and this has positive repercussions on public services.”


Sargy Chima is a Team Leader at Service Canada with Citizen Services Program Delivery and Mobile Outreach in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She is the President of CEIU local 20949 and an executive member of the BC CEIU Finance Committee.  She believes the collective agreement should reflect and respect the diverse workforce.

“In this round of bargaining, it is imperative to retain our sick leave, upgrade the definition of family, and improve working conditions for all Canadians.”


Geoff Ryan works as a manager for program funding services and is based in Iqaluit, Nunavut.  He is the UNE national representative for members with disabilities.

“The Conservative government is attacking unions and workers to benefit big businesses that are major contributors to the Conservatives.”


Louise Blouin is an administrative assistant and a USGE local president.  Like the others, she believes this round of bargaining is important because the government is attacking public service workers, and the union must fight back.

“Rather than the employer bringing us in line with the private sector, we need to bring the private sector in line with the public sector.”


Tracey Cochrane is a parole officer based in Abbotsford, B.C.  She is the vice president of USGE local 20086.  She believes that a good collective agreement creates a positive work environment for public service workers, and allows to effectively provide essential and valuable services to Canadians.

“Talk to Canadians, explain the importance of unions in our society and how unions fight against wage and benefits inequality.”


Travis Lahnalampi is a Service Canada benefits officer who processes employment insurance benefits claim applications.  He is also the president of CEIU local 00570 and an executive board member of the Peel Regional Labour Council.

“In this round of bargaining, we need to keep the rights we have and win some improvements for work-life balance.”




June 23, 2014