Meet the EB bargaining team

Dr. Kwasi Amenu-Tekaa is a correctional educator with CSC as well as president of local 30011.  He teaches inmates so they can complete their high school diploma.  Kwasi believes that this round of bargaining is very important because a good collective agreement will boost the morale of the public service and provide the public with better services.

“Please convey your feedback and experiences to your locals, keep communication open and strengthen the solidarity between the grassroots and the leadership.”


Terry-Lynn Brant is a vice principal and chief steward.  She believes a good collective agreement is a must for the First Nations people and having your own institutions built by your own people. She believes First Nations people have to recognize how they can impact their reality and the outside world.  Their voices must be heard. 

 “Please support the bargaining team by stepping forward and making your working reality one that reflects your community.”


Michael Freeman is a grade 5 teacher at Jamieson Elementary School in the Six Nations reserve and president of local 00128 UNE, Ohsweken, Ontario.   He believes and hopes that his work benefits and influences his community in many ways. Mike believes that this round of bargaining is important for public service workers and Canadians because it demonstrates that the employer is ready and willing to listen and respond to workers’ concerns and respects their efforts and work.

 “Please support us by giving first-hand accounts to bolster our agreements.”


Danielle Moffet is a French as a second language teacher and national director for the Agriculture Union.  She believes the collective agreement is very important as it improves the working environment and conserves the gains made. She believes If public service workers are treated with respect, this trickles down to the general public and influences productivity and the quality of services to Canadians. 

 “Please go to membership meetings and demonstrations and check out the PSAC web site.” 




June 24, 2014