May Day 2019: Reversing the attack on workers

May 1, International Worker’s Day, is a time to honour and celebrate workers' struggles, and has been recognized for more than a century in commemoration of the May 1886 Haymarket massacre in Chicago. 

Today, workers in Canada face new threats to their rights, workplace protections and social programs as a wave of conservative governments gain power across the country.  

Moreover, inequality in Canada is growing. Household debt is reaching a record high while corporations are amassing staggering surpluses and hoarding their wealth in offshore tax havens . 

PSAC—through the strength of its more than 180,000 members—remains firmly committed to working alongside others for a more equal future: a future where workers and their families can enjoy economic security. 

We will join allies in campaigning aggressively for new and expanded social programs, including defined-benefit pensions for all, a universal child care system and a national pharmacare plan. The union will also advocate for labour standards that improve conditions for all workers and fight against the growth in precarious work. And of course, PSAC will remain committed to international solidarity through the Social Justice Fund’s ongoing support for workers in the Global South

All the rights, protections and social programs that workers cherish today were won by workers coming together and demanding justice. PSAC will not shy away from continuing this struggle. On this International Worker’s Day we unite with workers around the globe for a better world for all. 

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May 1, 2019