Justin Trudeau said he’d fix public services and repair the relationship with the workers who deliver them. Now is the time for action.

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"Last year, Mr. Trudeau wrote to all public service workers promising to treat them with respect and restore the cuts made by Stephen Harper. It has been a year since the election. The tone has changed, but it’s now time for action."

Robyn Benson
PSAC National President

“I have a fundamentally different view than Stephen Harper of our public service. Where he sees an adversary, I see a partner. I believe that in order to have a public service that is valued by Canadians, and a source of pride for its members, it must be valued by its government.

Justin Trudeau
Open Letter to Public Servants
September 25, 2015

Public service workers speak

Lauren Baert, Border Services Officer

“As a front-line border services officer, I help protect Canadians. Public service workers have not seen the change promised.”

Bill Ryan, coast guard seaman

“I’m part of the search and rescue team based in St. John’s. We respond to anyone who needs help. We save lives.”

Toufic El-Daher

”I help veterans with their pension and benefit claims. It’s heartbreaking to see people who served our country wait months before their requests are answered.“