Labour Day 2018: Building a better Canada for all

On Labour Day, we recognize and thank Canada’s workers for making everything great about our country possible. PSAC members work tirelessly to deliver the programs and services that Canadians depend on every day; and those members who work in the federal public service have continued to do so despite the federal government’s inability to pay them properly for over 2 and half years. Regardless of missed or incorrect pay cheques, PSAC members have demonstrated their commitment: they are here for Canada.

Over the coming months, our union will continue to push the federal government to reciprocate by properly compensating PSAC members for the damages inflicted by the Phoenix pay fiasco. We will also press Prime Minister Trudeau to honour his promise in the last election to respect the rights of public service workers and to bargain fairly as we enter the next stage of our negotiations for new collective agreements. 

Our union has made big strides forward in the last year and we won’t let anything hold us back. We will use our collective bargaining power to improve the working conditions and quality of life of our members, and we will campaign alongside others to extend what we have to all Canadians through public programs including Canada-wide, comprehensive Pharmacare so that no one has to suffer because of the high and rising costs of prescription drugs. 

On this Labour Day, let’s take a well-deserved rest with our families and friends. As a union, let’s celebrate our achievements, but let’s also pledge to redouble our efforts to make Canada an even better country for all who live and work here.

Chris Aylward, National President


August 31, 2018