TC: Labour Affairs Officers – Employer has not provided data

During the last round of bargaining, we had significant discussions about compensation and classification for a number of groups, including the Labour Affairs Officers (LAOs).  Your bargaining team pushed for an allowance for this group all the way until the final settlement.  We were ultimately unsuccessful in obtaining compensation.  In part, this was due to the lack of data that we had on recruitment and retention for LAOs.  In the memorandum of settlement, we obtained a commitment from  the employer that they would provide us with that recruitment and retention data.   

It took a long time, but the employer has finally provided us with some documents.  However, in those documents, there is virtually no data.  We were sent a document which states that the Labour Program “has not identified recruitment or retention issues.”  The document had no information to back that up.  There was no data on the number of people who have departed or on the number of qualified applicants for any job opening.  There was simply a statement issued by Labour Canada that there is no problem. 

We have heard repeatedly from our members that there are issues across the country for LAOs.  The agreement to obtain the data from the employer was in place to ensure that we had concrete information that we could use to at the bargaining table.  We were not looking for management’s position on this.  It has been clear to us that they have denied that there is a problem. 

The employer has not lived up to its commitment to give us these critical numbers that we need for this round of bargaining.  We are filing a policy grievance on this issue and will pursue the issue as quickly as possible until we have obtained what the employer committed to give us during bargaining. 



July 28, 2014