June 8: Send a message! Demand fairness and respect

This is a final call out to encourage all PSAC members who work within Treasury Board, at Parks Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Canada Revenue Agency to join whatever action your locals are organizing on June 8 to support our bargaining teams.

PSAC will be back at the bargaining table later this month, working hard to get you a new collective agreement.

Before we go back to the bargaining table, we intend to send a message.

 This Wednesday, June 8th, members across the country will be showing their support for our negotiating teams in various ways.

Why is action needed?

  • The Liberal government promised public service employees a new era of respect, including a new approach to collective bargaining.
  • The new government has so far refused to move away from the previous Conservative government’s proposals to replace our negotiated sick leave with a short term disability plan.
  • The government is offering wage increases that don’t keep up with the cost of living.

On June 8, let’s send a strong message to the Liberal government that we want a fair collective agreement, with fair wages and benefits, including sick leave.




June 7, 2016