How does the Work Force Adjustment Appendix protect workers?


At PSAC we work hard during negotiations to do everything in our power to minimize the negative impact of work force adjustment. This means ensuring that changes to government priorities or changes to the way services are delivered, are implemented with minimal job loss and where possible through redeployment without  relocation.

The employer has an obligation to make sure that:

  • Workers are as skilled as possible. High skill levels translate into increased placement prospects and stronger job security.
  • It takes a proactive approach toward human resources planning. The Parks Canada Agency (the Agency) must review existing work practices and  stop work that is currently being done by contractors, temp agencies and consultants before entertaining cuts to the indeterminate work force.
  • It practices appropriate succession planning and identifies other possible placement  opportunities  for  potentially affected workers.

The WFAA helps ensure that workers are treated equitably and in a consistent manner. PSAC is committed to strengthening equality measures in the WFAA.

The WFAA contains measures to help ensure that workers are as fully and clearly informed of their options as possible should they face a work force adjustment situation.

It is incumbent on the employer to provide this information.

It is also important that workers clearly understand the process.



September 16, 2013