How can I ensure my claim gets processed as quickly as possible?

Get the paperwork right .One of the most frequent reasons for claim rejection is that medical documentation given to Sun Life by claimants and medical professionals isincomplete. 

It is important to include, with your DI application, a report that outlines in detail the medical reasons why you cannot perform the regular duties of your occupation. The report should show the type and duration of therapy being given, medication prescribed, frequency of treatment, results of tests, hospital records, consultation notes, etc. Be sure to include documentation from all medical professionals, including specialists, who are treating you.

Your union representative will be able to provide you with a model letter to your doctor(s) which will help you get accurate and complete information.

To establish and support your claim, the report should be as complete and convincing as possible. You should ensure that the medical professionals completing the medical reports have outlined your disabling condition within the DI plan's definition of "total disability" . The same applies when, towards the end of the first 24 months of disability, Sun Life requests medical proof to show that the disabling condition continues. Sun Life will want evidence that you are unable to perform the duties of even a "commensurate occupation". A vague description, for example one which states thatyou , while disabled, can still perform "light" duties, could mislead the insurer, cause delays and possiblya denial of benefits.

 Medical professionals should be particularly cautious in reporting on situations of psychological impairment. Any indication that such impairment might be work-related may lead to a denial of the DI claim by Sun Life, and result in a lengthy and frustrating process of having to apply for Workers' Compensation, again with the possibility of denial and subsequent time consuming appeals.


September 22, 2013