Essential Services Agreement and Exclusions Officer

$97 763 - $110 035 plus $ 1,486.43 bilingual bonus (2018 Rates)
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Ottawa Headquarters
Closing Date: 
Tue, 10 Aug 2021 15:30 EDT
English requirements: 
French requirements: 
Search area: 
Employees of PSAC, Components, and PSAC Holdings Ltd
Members giving PSAC membership number
General public
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Collective Bargaining Branch


Unifor 2025
Band 12
Purpose of position: 

Under the direction of the Assistant Coordinator of Negotiations, the Essential Services Agreement/ Exclusions Officer is responsible for the development and implementation of the PSAC’s strategy with respect to essential services and exclusions, and for the determination and enforcement of the PSAC’s position on management exclusions.

• Extensive knowledge in labour law or labour relations and ability to research, interpret and apply many different pieces of legislation and complete familiarity with the processes of various labour tribunals;
• Extensive knowledge of the arbitration process, techniques of advocacy, such as cross-examination, the rules of evidence and procedure and ability to research, interpret and apply complex jurisprudence;
• Extensive knowledge of the negotiations process and methods of alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation and conciliation, and ability to apply this knowledge to the negotiation of agreements;
• Extensive knowledge of organizational structures and ability to assess work descriptions, job functions and classifications in order to assess the legitimacy of employer applications for essential services or management exclusions and to determine the appropriate strategy in concert with negotiations and/or bargaining unit amendments or certification applications;
• Knowledge of the PSAC structure and policies, the structure and operation of the federal government, crown corporations and other governmental entities, and the structure and policies of the labour movement;
• Knowledge of computer software including MSOffice, e-mail and internet.
• Ability to articulate complex legal principles in the formal environment of a quasi-judicial tribunal, and to make such complex principles accessible to all members through written communications;
• Skilled in eliciting detailed information from members and witnesses, including witness hostile to the PSAC in preparation for hearings, and ability to explain PSAC strategy and process;
• Strong powers of persuasion to convince employers, adjudicators and other decision-makers;
• Ability to analyze information and recommend innovative solutions to problems and communicate these;
• Second language skills as per the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level indicated;
• Ability to listen to complex evidence and to filter unnecessary information from hours of testimony.
Personal Suitability:
• Demonstrate commitment to union principles and social justice;
• Sound judgment and tact.

The PSAC is committed to employment equity and is actively seeking to ensure a representative workforce. We encourage applications from members of equity seeking groups.