Equality Rights

Disability issues

PSAC has fought for disability rights for many years

Women's rights

PSAC has a long history of fighting for women’s rights.

Human rights

Whether it's freedom of association, speech, right to privacy, PSAC is active


PSAC fights against racism and for employment equity

Aboriginal issues

PSAC supports Aboriginal Peoples in their struggle


PSAC celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and trans people
PSAC National Equity Conferences

These conferences are an opportunity for our members to continue the important work of maintaining and improving the militancy and activism of the Union in the struggle to improve the human rights and working conditions of all PSAC members.

Transgender day of remembrance

On this day, we remember our transgender and transexual brothers and sisters who have suffered, and continue to suffer, from violence, hatred and discrimination in our communities and in our workplaces.