EB Bargaining update: PSAC and Treasury Board sign recommendation for new national rate of pay for 12 month ED-EST teachers

The Joint Committee on rates of pay for ED-EST (12 months) have reached an agreement on a recommendation for a national rate of pay for 12 month ED-EST teachers.

The Joint Committee’s recommendation will form a starting point for the negotiation of new national rates for the ED-EST 12 month teachers. These negotiations will take place at the main EB bargaining table, where the PSAC’s bargaining team has already tabled a proposal for a new national rate.

A new grid with national rates will eliminate pay zones for ED-EST 12 month teachers, and provide consistent rates of pay across the country. This will provide our members across the country with a single, higher rate of pay.

This recommendation is the result of the work of a joint committee made up of representatives from both Treasury Board and the PSAC and comes more than one year after the Joint Committee met for the first time and ten months after the union’s members on the committee made their proposal for new rates.

We are eager to continue to push for the inclusion of a new national rate of pay for ED-EST 12 month teachers in the new collective agreement.

For more information, check for updates on our national website.



April 17, 2019