Cuts to federal public services

Stand together to stop the cuts

The Conservative government has cut billions of dollars from public services and thousands of federal government jobs. These cuts are putting public services and public safety on the line. Harper’s shameful record is a resounding failure.


  • The Harper government has taken aim at environmental protection, slashing funding for conservation and restoration of landscapes, water and wildlife; monitoring climate change and minimizing threats from pollution.

  • Ontario and Manitoba have had to step in to save a facility internationally reknowned for research into how human activity impacts freshwater systems, including things like phosphates, acid rain, climate change and fish farming.

Law enforcement

  • In 2012 the Conservative government turned its back on women’s groups, police forces and other experts and concerned citizens by voting to eliminate the federal long-gun registry and destroy the more than seven million records in the registry.

National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Science and research

Fisheries and Oceans Canada