Conservatives push ineffective and unnecessary Bill C-21

Scrapping regulations and the people who enforce them won’t protect Canadians.

The purpose of the Conservatives’ Bill C-21 — the so-called “red tape reduction act” — is to eliminate one regulation for every regulation created; the one-for-one rule.

On Tuesday, PSAC National Executive Vice-President Chris Aylward told members of the House of Commons Government Operations and Estimates Committee they should not scrap regulations just for the sake of it, nor should they cut the people who enforce them.  

“At worst, Bill C-21 will create make-work projects that will force regulatory and enforcement officers to spend their valuable time looking for regulations to cut, while the government continues to freeze or cut resources”, said Aylward.

Very recently, the Transportation Safety Board said the federal government isn’t doing enough to enforce proper safety practices by Canada’s railways, airlines and marine operations.

While the Bill says the one-for-one rule must not compromise public health, public safety or the Canadian economy, it doesn’t cover other major concerns, such as environmental or consumer protection.

If regulations are no longer in the public interest, the federal government already has the power to change or eliminate them after due consultation, without the need for Bill C-21. 

December 4, 2014