CFIA responsibilities

CFIA must:

  • Ensure equitable treatment and every reasonable opportunity for you to continue your career in the CFIA (1.1.1)
  • Provide information to your union about your situation, including your name and work location, and advise and consult PSAC throughout the process (1.1.10)
  • Provide you with a copy of the Employment Transition Policy (ETP) when you are notified you're subject to an employment transition situation (1.1.13)
  • Establish and modify staffing policies and procedures to maximize the appointment of employees (1.1.33)
  • Establish joint union-management employment transition committees, where appropriate (1.1.3)
  • Determine whether there will be employment available for you, and advise you and the PSAC (1.1.12)
  • Set up an alternation process within CFIA (6.2)
  • Advise you in writing about your status and any change in it (Definitions)
  • Presume you wish to be reappointed unless you indicate otherwise in writing (1.1.28)
  • Actively market surplus employees and laid off persons who have not advised in writing they are unavailable for appointment (1.1.35)
  • Apply the ETP in such a way to keep lay-offs to a minimum (1.1.15)
  • Counsel and advise you to assist you in gaining new employment in CFIA or in making the transition to other employment (1.1.29)
  • Identify the occupations in which there is a skill shortage for which surplus or laid off persons could be retrained (1.1.36)
  • Review the use of temporary agencies and other non-indeterminate employees and not renew them if doing so will facilitate the appointment of surplus employees orlaid off persons (1.1.23)
  • Wherever possible, give reinstatement priority to all employees whose salary is protected (1.1.38)



September 18, 2013