CFIA Bargaining: Management tables concessions; union committed to improving contract

PSAC’s bargaining team representing members at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) held a third bargaining session for a new collective agreement between May 14 and 16. 

The union continued discussions on previously tabled proposals but remains disappointed that the bulk of placeholders in the employer’s February proposal package remain devoid of content. The lack of specific proposals from the employer — including key ones such as the Hours of Work proposal — makes it challenging to bargain comprehensively and leads the bargaining team to suspect many concessions will be presented at future talks. 

Proposed changes to the Employment Transition Policy 

Notably, however, management representatives tabled a concessionary proposal on the Employment Transition Policy (ETP). The ETP is a negotiated appendix within the collective agreement intended to maximize employment opportunities for indeterminate employees facing employment transition situations. CFIA management’s new proposal would create a two-tier approach that would exclude future employees from the ETP protections available to current CFIA workers.  

The union is firmly committed to strengthening the collective agreement for current and future employees and tabled its own proposal to improve the ETP. This proposal is based on members’ experience with the policy over the years it has existed.  

The bargaining team looks forward to the next session, where it will table and discuss the pay proposal with the employer. The next bargaining session is scheduled for June 11 to 13. 

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PSAC at CFIA : Bargaining for our future! 

Atlantic: Jan Pennington 
Québec: Audrey St-Germain 
National Capital Region: Marlene O’Neil 
Ontario: Robert MacDonald 
Manitoba: Andrew Neufeld 
Saskatchewan: Karen Zoller 
Alberta: Dorothy McRae 
British Columbia: Terri Lee 

Negotiator: Hassan Husseini 
Research Officer: Silja Freitag 



May 23, 2019