Canada Post makes pay equity payments slowly

Canada Post had advised PSAC that their initial expectation of completing the pay equity payments by December 2014 was an optimistic forecast. So far they have given no new timeframe but PSAC expects the payments will continue well in 2015.

The process involves reviewing each employee file thoroughly.  Once a file has been reviewed and the pay equity adjustments and interest calculated, an information package is sent out. This package includes forms that must be completed and returned before the payments can be issued. It then takes some time for the payments to be processed.

Canada Post has been collecting the contact information sent in by former employees either by mail or through the Corporation’s email address – – even though they may not have acknowledged the information has been received.

Canada Post is also using Service Canada’s National Search Unit to help track down former employees. 

The terms of the Memorandum of Agreement require Canada Post to spend $150,000 on a national advertising campaign to advise former employees and families of deceased employees about the pay equity decision.  These ads, which will appear in one national newspaper, a French paper and an Ottawa paper, will appear this fall.

Anyone who knows of former employees who may not have contacted Canada Post yet should encourage them to do so at, particularly if their address or name has changed since they were employed by the Corporation.


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September 24, 2014