Border security

This is the general area of endeavour handled by members of PSAC's FB bargaining unit who are employees of the Canada Border Services Agency, which comes under the authority of Treasury Board.

February 5, 2017
Our PSAC/CIU bargaining team for the FB group spent 3 days in mediation with Treasury Board and CBSA this past week. We made no progress on our key priorities for this round of bargaining. We enforce the law. It’s time we were treated accordingly. Compensation Our position reflects wage parity with the RCMP. Management has rejected this proposal and instead tabled the PA wage settlement. This is unacceptable to us as it does not address our wage disparity with the broader law enforcement community.
January 23, 2017
PSAC is launching radio ads to raise awareness about the important work done by Border Services Officers, Inland Enforcement Officers and other front-line law enforcement personnel