PSAC works for women

Over the years, PSAC has bargained significant improvements in the lives of working women. We have negotiated collective agreement provisions that support women’s responsibilities for child rearing and families.  We have bargained strong language against discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

We have been able to roll pay equity adjustments into wages before bargaining salary increases with long term results for our members on their paychecks and pensions. We have also integrated strong language on spousal and family benefits that include lesbians and other members of the GLBT communities. 


Unions can make a big difference in women’s lives. Unions support women to gain equal pay for work of equal value and paid time off to look after their needs and the needs of their families.  They help women make their workplaces safe and free of harassment or discrimination. They offer opportunities for women to develop their skills and leadership abilities. 

They work with women to push for changes in laws and challenge injustice in the courts. Ultimately all women workers benefit.

PSAC is proud to be  a union that is committed to making that difference.