Black History Month

In the spirit of solidarity in struggle, PSAC recognizes and celebrates the important past and present contributions of Black people and people of African descent. We also acknowledge the discrimination, barriers and challenges that Black people continue to face in Canada.

In December 1995, the federal Parliament officially recognized February as Black History Month in Canada, following a motion introduced by Jean Augustine, the first Black woman elected to the House of Commons. The motion was carried unanimously.

People of African descent are still absent in our history books and are not fully reflected in our political, cultural and economic institutions.  Because of anti-Black racism, they are over-represented in the criminal justice system and under-represented in workplaces.  

Black people are routinely targeted for racial profiling by police through carding and other means and are often victims of police brutality.  As a response, activists are continuing the fight through movements such as Black Lives Matter and are supporting initiatives such as employment equity.

PSAC is encouraging its members to commemorate African Heritage/Black History Month by learning, organizing or participating in events in their workplaces and communities that raise awareness of the struggles and contributions of Black workers or workers of African Heritage in the Canadian labour movement. 


February 1, 2016