Active members

March 27, 2015
This memorandum of understanding is to give effect to the understanding reached between the Employer and Public Service Alliance of Canada regarding issues of mental health in the workplace.   The task force, comprised of a technical committee and a steering committee, is established with a long-term focus and commitment from senior leadership of the parties. It will focus on continuous improvement and the successful implementation of measures to improve mental health in the workplace.  
March 27, 2015
PSAC is very pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Treasury Board on the establishment of a joint task force on mental health. PSAC tabled the proposal in January to ensure a more proactive approach to improving mental health. Following negotiations this week with Treasury Board, the parties agreed on the makeup, responsibilities and timelines for the task force on mental health.
February 2, 2015
Eight young workers from across the country participated in PSAC’s first national young worker committee meeting in Ottawa from January 10-11
December 3, 2014
There are over 25,000 members in this bargaining unit, the second largest unit at the PSAC. Our members review and process tax returns, provide tax information services for the public, and intake the billions of dollars of government revenue collected by the CRA. They also run the offices, maintain the equipment and buildings, and carry out the administrative work of the CRA.  The unit falls under the Public Service Labour Relations Act.
November 14, 2014
What could childcare look like in 2020, if our federal and provincial governments actually invested in a universal and affordable system?
September 12, 2014
Our SV bargaining team was back at the negotiation table with the Treasury Board from September 9 to 11. Discussions continued over the three days with questions being asked from both sides to clarify the proposals tabled.
September 12, 2014
Our TC bargaining team resumed negotiations with Treasury Board from September 9-11. We continued to advance our members’ demands, making the case for improvements to our collective agreement. Cross-table committee work also continued from September 8-12, where team members helped to advance complex bargaining issues.
June 24, 2014
British Columbia Harold Larsen works as a B.C. based program officer in consumer protection and is also a treasurer for his local component. He believes the union is under attack and needs to protect what it has achieved in past negotiations.
June 23, 2014
  Kate Hart is a passport officer based in Edmonton and the human rights representative for her UNE local and UNE national equity representative for LGBTs.  “This is an attack on the public services and the services we provide to Canadians.”  
April 3, 2014
The Conservative government wants to strip away sick leave rights and is thinking of contracting out the management of the sick leave system. We say that unless this government wants to talk about improving what we already have, we aren’t interested.