Asian Heritage Month: Anne Marie's story

Ann Marie KuarSingh is the Ontario Region Representative for LGBTQ2+ members. She has been working towards empowering LGBTQ2+ members through the refresh and expansion of the Pride membership network.  Her goals include establishing a Pride presence in each of the regional offices and to identify a core group of activists to lobby for much needed change to the existing Employment Equity legislation. 

She believes that LGBTQ2+ networks, at the component level as well as at the PSAC regional level, are key to ensuring queer safe spaces flourish. She wants to ensure that LGBTQ2+ people are counted as full and equal Canadians, who are afforded the same protections and considerations given to other equity groups.  From a lack of inclusion in the federal census to being discriminated against in the workplace, there are still many challenges and barriers faced by the LGBTQ2+ community today.  She calls for working together to bring about fair representation for all.

Ann Marie also serves as the Toronto District Representative for her component Canadian Employment and Immigrations Union (CEIU). She believes that knowledge is power, and she promotes learning and engagement to her colleagues and fellow members. Her motto: “Awareness should lead to action. Action must always be supported by awareness.”

Asians in Canada

Asian Heritage Month is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the long and rich history of Canadians of Asian heritage and their contributions to Canada. PSAC encourages members to learn about the legacy and contributions of Canadians of Asian descent. Canadians of Asian origin can trace their roots to different parts of Asia, such as:

East Asia

May 15, 2019