974 affected notices go out to pay and compensation advisers

Affected notices for wave 3 and 4 transfers were handed out to 974 members last week. These members work as pay and compensation advisers in 22 departments across the country. This is in preparation for the final transfer of pay and benefit files to Miramichi, New Brunswick and expected to occur between January 2015 and December 2015.

Departments and agencies will be either giving members a guarantee of a reasonable job offer or access to options as outlined in Part VI of the Workforce Adjustment Appendix of your collective agreement at a future date. This will be determined by individual departments.

Be Sure to Register Your Name

Public Works and Government Services has created a committee called the Employee Business Continuity Steering Committee (EBCSC). This committee will facilitate alternate employment opportunities in compensation in departments and agencies that aren’t moving files to Miramichi, as well as to facilitate alternation opportunities.

We strongly encourage all members affected by this consolidation exercise to fill out the required forms so that your name is included in EBCSC lists, if you haven’t done so already. Ask your human resources counsellor to provide you with the opportunity as soon as possible.


Departments and agencies have been urged to utilize strategic volunteer processes to maximize alternation opportunities and to help as many employees as possible find other employment opportunities in the public service.

In recent months, the PSAC and its components have responded to requests from members expressing interest in leaving the public service through alternation. Although most compensation and benefits advisors are unlikely to be made opting until 2015, there is no reason members can’t proactively contact colleagues, managers, human resources counsellors, or register on GC forums now, to express their interest in alternating in anticipation of when this will occur. If you experience any problems, contact your local union representative.

The majority of affected members live in the National Capital region but many are in larger communities such as Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax as well as in smaller communities.  

The majority of affected members are currently classified at the AS2 level followed by members at the AS1, AS3, AS4 and CR4 levels.

The PSAC strongly recommends that all conversations between potential alternates and between members and their managers be captured in writing.

Moving to Miramichi is still an option

Compensation advisors who wish to transfer to Miramichi are encouraged to express their intentions to management as soon as possible. Staffing processes for compensation and benefits advisors in Miramichi were re-posted last week. Experienced compensation advisors are in demand and will only be required to submit references.


Information about the workforce adjustment process can be found on the PSAC website 

The PSAC is committed to working with its components and the transition group at Public Works to ensure that the obligations of the Workforce Adjustment Appendix are met and that as few members as possible lose their public service employment involuntarily.


October 8, 2014